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After almost a week of cruising through Bosnia and Herzegovina, it was new country time and we had decided to continue our road trip in Montenegro. It was cheaper to rent a different car in each country, so we dropped off our Bosnian car in Mostar and jumped on a bus to Herceg Novi, right across the border with Montenegro. I said cheaper, not quicker or less annoying.

Call it a lack of preparation but we hadn’t really understood that the bus didn’t go straight from Bosnia and Herzegovina to Montenegro. Hey, what’s the charm of a road trip if you have to plan everything ahead? Instead, it went from Bosnia into Croatia, back into Bosnia, back into Croatia and from there finally into Montenegro. Yes, that is a total of 4 border crossings and seeing Bosnia and Herzegovina isn’t part of the EU… yep, you get it…

Nine hours later (instead of the 4 that were announced) we finally got there. We jumped straight into our new car and were ready to hit the road again.



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